Big Facilities Management partnership approach prides itself on being a people oriented, environmentally responsible organization that provides high quality, cost effective service solutions to businesses and communities. BigFM is an experienced facility services organization which delivers value to clients business by enhancing safety work environment, appearance and supporting performance with improved productivity.From our beginning as a regional facility service Provider Company with corporate base at Hyderabad India, provided with a national footprint that today engages with more than 10 client locations in eight states.

BigFM has developed a range of support services to improve and add additional value to your working environment allowing you to concentrate on your core business activities. Many of our support services have developed over time as our relationships with clients have grown. As we understand your business more closely we can see where we can build added value and utilize staff more efficiently. BigFM glance afresh at every contract, tailoring it to the client’s specific requirements, reflecting the corporate culture, with systems fitting seamlessly into the FM operation.

  • KPIs drive quality, so from the start we:
  • Understand the contract
  • Develop and enhance the contract
  • Deliver on our commitment
  • And then ongoing, we:
  • Control every aspect of the contract
  • Stay focused on the fundamentals
  • Take nothing for granted
  • Add value at every opportunity